Home Pre-wire

If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, then now is the time to consider pre-wiring for your audio and video needs.

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Pre-wiring is the general term given to running specialized audio and video cabling through the framing, walls and ceilings of your home to operate whatever TV, audio and theater options you have in mind. The term is also used to describe the planned wiring of services such as phones and high-speed Internet.

Incorporating even the most basic pre-wire for a home-theater or music system is a very cost effective way of increasing the flexibility and performance of your audio, and theater system but also the resale value of your home. Home buyers are expecting to see more foresight put in the building process, and pre-wiring is being looked for in new and existing home more and more often. Simply put, the benefits can be huge and costs minimal.

The pre-wiring for audio and video cabling must be done by a specialist company that has an intimate working knowledge of the products likely to be installed. Electricians do offer similar services, but specialize more in cabling for your lighting and power requirements. Audio and video cabling is quite different. This sort of infrastructure requires an in-depth knowledge of the components being plugged into it.

Anything less will often mean substandard provisions are made for flexible and comprehensive control of your home. High-fidelity engineering and installation is a specialist field, and must be undertaken by a specialist. The focus is not about just running a few cables and making do; it is about planning for your present and future audio, video, TV, Home Theater and data needs.

Like the planning involved in building a new home; audio/visual planning can take time. But it is time well invested when thinking about your future arrangements. This is where we can help. We are experienced and can quickly identify your requirements. We’ll outline possible options, solutions and the likely costs involved.

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